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    The Alpine Fault in western South Island ruptures every 200-400 years in a magnitude ~7.9 earthquake, and is thought to have last ruptured in 1717 AD. The Alpine Fault is globally significant and similar in character to the San Andreas Fault in America or the North Anatolian Fault in Turkey. However, the Alpine Fault is unique in the fact that rapid uplift and mountain building has exhumed fault rocks from depth, and uplift continues to restrict earthquake activity to depths that are shallower than normal.

    The Deep Fault Drilling Project (DFDP) involves drilling, sampling, and monitoring the Alpine Fault at depth - taking advantage of excellent surface exposures and previous geological and geophysical field studies - in order to better understand fundamental processes of rock deformation, seismogenesis, and earthquake deformation.

    The first phase of DFDP ("DFDP-1") was completed in February 2011 with the successful construction of two boreholes intersecting the Alpine Fault at Gaunt Creek, South Westland. Further details regarding DFDP-1 and links to published results can be found here. The second phase of drilling ("DFDP-2") commenced in October 2014, targeting the Alpine Fault c. 1 km below the Whataroa River Valley.

    The project is led in New Zealand by Rupert Sutherland (GNS Science), John Townend (Victoria University of Wellington) and Virginia Toy (University of Otago) and involves almost 100 scientists from more than a dozen countries.

    A timetable of DFDP events can be found here.

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    Shapefiles(ArcGIS) and kmz files for the Alpine Fault from the 1:250,000 QMAP Geological Map of New Zealand
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    DFDP project outline and 2009 workshop report
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    Three-dimensional structure of the Alpine Fault zone in the region around the Waitangi-taona and Whataroa Rivers by R. J. Norris, A. F. Cooper, V. Toy, S. Read and L. Easterbrook (Dept. of Geology, University of Otago, PO Box 56, Dunedin. New Zealand) as presented at Geoscience-12 in Hamilton may be downloaded as full-size poster(30Mb) from:
    If this doesn't automatically download, go to:
    http://www.otago.ac.nz/geology/downloads/temp/ and download manually.
    The poster compiles geological data from the region around the DFDP project and presents a geometrical model of the 3-D structure of the fault.
    Posted 12:02, 11 Dec 2012
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