DFDP-1 Gaunt Creek

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    Two boreholes were drilled at Gaunt Creek, a tributary of the Waitangitaona River, in January and February 2011.

    We successfully completed all three technical objectives:

    • Collected continuous rock cores through the fault zone
    • Made geophysical observations (logs) within the boreholes
    • Installed a fault zone observatory and monitoring station


    DFDP-1A was drilled to 101 m and DFDP-1B to 151 m. Scientific results from the two boreholes are now being published.


    Data (inclduing geophysical measurements, core logs and images) arising from the project are archived electronically. Access to these materials requires a login to this Wiki

    Instructions on how to request access to the wiki.

    Instructions for accessing core logs and images,

    Instructions for accessing samples and data.

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