DFDP-1 progress reports

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    This page has PDF copies of progress reports. Click on the linked dated files to see the most recent report, or previous reports.

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    DFDP-1A established
    1407.91 kB10:54, 21 Jan 2011rupertActions
    DFDP-1A going well, ahead of schedule
    2.03 MB14:08, 23 Jan 2011rupertActions
    Perfect Alpine Fault core from DFDP-1A
    1482.93 kB18:57, 24 Jan 2011rupertActions
    DFDP-1B site established
    1737.93 kB13:40, 27 Jan 2011rupertActions
    Change from coring to open hole, to speed up progress
    2.45 MB01:46, 30 Jan 2011rupertActions
    DFDP-1B cores Alpine Fault
    4.1 MB00:28, 1 Feb 2011rupertActions
    DFDP-1 completion
    1933.66 kB06:29, 7 Feb 2011rupertActions
    DFDP-1A Geological log summarised by Dan Faulkner
    273.36 kB16:18, 8 Feb 2011rupertActions
     DFDP-1B sketch log.pdf
    DFDP-1B summary log by Dave Prior
    255.42 kB22:00, 23 Jun 2011Virginia ToyActions
    DFDP-1 cross section by Virginia Toy
    95.09 kB22:00, 23 Jun 2011Virginia ToyActions
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