DFDP-2 Whataroa River

    Deep Fault Drilling Project borehole DFDP-2

    The scientific borehole DFDP-2 will intersect New Zealand's Alpine Fault at about 1 km depth. This is the first detailed investigation of a fault that is due to rupture in a large earthquake. Most previous fault zone drilling experiments have intersected faults that recently ruptured in an earthquake. 

    Click here to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about DFDP-2.

    Click here to watch a youtube video explaining the DFDP-2 project.

    Click here to watch a youtube video about the safety of drilling into the Alpine Fault.

    Check out our online BLOG at rupertsnztectonics.blogspot.co.nz or... the pdf versions of it

    We also post brief updates on the ICDP web site at alpine.icdp-online.org

    DFDP-2 participating nations

    New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Canada, USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Netherlands, China, Australia

    DFDP-2 Funding

    DFDP-2 is a multi-million-dollar project funded by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Programthe Royal Society of New Zealand's Marsden Fund , GNS Science, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Otago, and allied research funds from several national funding agencies.

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