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     This Wiki enables participants in the DFDP Alpine Fault project to share text, images, and other resources.  

    A login ID and password is required. This can be obtained by requesting one from:  itsupport(at)gns.cri.nz.

    Contributions will be moderated by other members of the DFDP team.

    Most pages are visible to the general public, and care should be taken not to include sensitive material. 

    • Please don't edit the top-level structure without consultation.
    • Pages below the second level can be edited (or new pages created) to address particular topics.
    • Please include details regarding the source of any text, images, or other materials you add to the Wiki.  These may include links to the author's homepage or email.
    • Acknowledge the source of any materials taken from this Wiki that you use in other situations. 

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