DFDP institutions

    A list of collaborating organisations and key contacts is found below.

    GNS Science, NZ

    Rupert Sutherland, +64 4 570 4873

    University of Otago, NZ

     Virginia Toy, +64 3 479 7506

    Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

    John Townend, +64 4 463 5411

    University of Auckland, NZ

    Jennifer Eccles, j.eccles@auckland.ac.nz,+64 (9) 373 7599 x88092

    University of Canterbury, NZ

    Tim Davies

    University of Liverpool, UK

    Dan Faulkner faulkner@liv.ac.uk

    University of Southampton, United Kingdom

    Damon Teagle

    University of Alberta, Canada

    Doug Schmitt

    University of Grenoble, France

    Mai-Linh Doan

    University of Montpellier, France

    Philippe Pezard

    University of Madison-Wisconsin

    Harold Tobin

    University of Bremen, Germany

    Achim Kopf

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