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    1. 1. Past milestones

    Past milestones

    Inception and initial working group formed, 2006

    ICDP preproposal submitted, January 2007

    NZ workshop and field trip, Wellington, November 2007

    ICDP workshop proposal submitted, January 2008

    International workshop, Franz Josef, March 2009

    Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund support (NZ$920k) for DFDP-2 announced, September 2010

    ICDP proposal for DFDP-2 submitted, Jan 2011

    First phase of DFDP drilling successfully completed at Gaunt Creek, February 2011

    International Continental Scientific Drilling Program support (US$1m) for DFDP-2 announced, June 2012

    Monitoring / site survey boreholes put down around proposed DFDP-2 site, January 2012

    Publication of first results from DFDP-1, December 2012

    DFDP-2 Science Workshop, Wellington, April 2014

    Upcoming dates

    Anticipated start of DFDP-2 drilling, October 2014

    DFDP-2 Science Meeting, November 2015

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