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    Carpenter, B.M. Kitajima, H., Sutherland, R., Townend, J., Toy, V.G., Saffer, D. Hydraulic and acoustic properties of the active Alpine Fault, New Zealand: Laboratory measurements on DFDP-1 drill core. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 390, 45-51 (2014).

    Boulton, C., Moore, D., Lockner, D.A., Toy, V.G., Townend, J., Sutherland, R. Frictional strength and stability of exhumed fault gouges in DFDP-1 cores, Alpine Fault, New Zealand. Geophysical Research Letters, doi: 10.1002/GL058236 (2014).

    Townend, J., Sutherland, R., Toy, V.G., Eccles, J., Boulton, C., Cox, S., MacNamara, D., Late-interseismic state of a continental plate-bounding fault: petrophysical results from DFDP-1 wireline logging and core analysis, Alpine Fault, New Zealand. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 14(9), 3801-3820, doi: 10.1002/ggge.20236 (2013).

    Sutherland, R.S., Toy, V.G., Townend, J. et al., Drilling reveals fluid control on architecture and rupture of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand. Geology 40, 1143-1146 (2012).

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