Earthquake seismology

    Recent research highlights

    SAMBA (Southern Alps Microseismicity Borehole Array)

    The 10-station SAMBA network has been in operation for three years now, and is now producing excellent data and interesting scientific results (see the list of recent DFDP and related publications for further details). Victoria University of Wellington PhD student Carolin Boese has also completed her thesis ("Microseismicity in the Central Southern Alps, Wesland, New Zealand") and taken up a position at the IESE/University of Auckland.



    Seismologist Carolin Boese (Victoria University of Wellington) being interviewed by a film crew on Mt Fox

    WIZARD (Wisconsin, New Zealand and Rensselaer Deployment)

    Steven Roecker (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and Clifford Thurber (University of Wisconsin-Madison) have received National Science Foundation funding for a two-year passive seismology experiment in the central Southern Alps. The study is underpinned by a network of 20 short-period and broadband seismometers ("WIZARD") deployed in early 2012 on either side of the Alpine Fault between the Whataroa and Whanganui Rivers. WIZARD lies northeast of the SAMBA network, and is augmented on the northeastern side by four surface sensors installed by Stephen Bannister of GNS Science.

    The first results from WIZARD will be presented at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting in San Franciscon on 3-7 December.


    Grant O'Brien (Victoria University of Wellington) and Jeremy Pesicek (University of Wisconsin-Madison) installing a WIZARD sensor

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