April 11-14 Planning Meeting: Online Participation

    Online documents for comment

    We will post documents here each night and hope that online collaborators can review the documents as we sleep and provide comments that we can discuss at the start of the meeting the next day at 9am. You could do this by
    1. using 'track changes' on a word version of the document and loading the word document here, or
    2. uploading comments at the base of the wiki page, or
    3. emailing your comments or the commented word doc to dfdp@gns.cri.nz with a subject line stating 'Shirly's comments on notes from Monday 7 April' or similar

    Teleconference instructions

    You can participate in any session via teleconference using Scopia according to the following instructions. We will leave the Scopia link live throughout the meeting. Please review the latest version of the agenda to determine when you wish to join our discussions and then just log in.

    Desktop Link:

    To connect from your desktop using Windows or Mac, go to http://sds.karen.net.nz/scopia?ID=62...*4535&autojoin

    Alternatively, boot up the Scopia desktop app, and enter sds.karen.net.nz into the 'web portal' field, 62170 into the 'meeting ID field' and, when prompted for a pin no. enter 4535.

    We recommend you install the desktop client beforehand. To install the client, go to http://sds.karen.net.nz/scopia?client
    To test that your software and hardware are setup correctly beforehand, visit our KVCS Test Room at http://sds.karen.net.nz/scopia?ID=6222&autojoin

    H.323 dial-in:

    To connect from an H.323 Endpoint, please dial to connect to the bridge directly, or if you are behind a firewall.
    Enter the corresponding number to the left of your meeting name in the navigation menu using Touch Tones (DTMF), or press 0 and enter: 62170***4535 following by #

    Phone dial-in:

    To connect from a telephone, please dial the following access number: +64 4 499 8283. When prompted for a meeting number, enter the meeting number followed by #
    NB: Usual tolls will apply
    NB: This meeting will become available to join on the Bridge 10 mins prior to the start time.


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