DFDP-2 Drilling Planning

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    This page contains information for drilling contractors.

    We are currently running a tender process that closes at 5pm on Friday 4 October 2013.


    The General Manager of the tender process is

    Rupert Sutherland, GNS Science, 1 Fairway Drive, PO Box 30368, Lower Hutt 5040, NZ

    Tel:  027 273 1164    Email:  r.sutherland@gns.cri.nz


    Technical enquiries should be directed to:

    Alex Pyne, Science Drilling Office, Victoria University of Wellington,

    Room 501, Cotton Building, Kelburn, PO Box 600, Wellington 6140, NZ.

    Tel: 04 463 5396  Fax: 04 463 5186  Email: ScienceDrillingOffice@vuw.ac.nz


    (Note: Alex is unavailable 7 to 24 Sept., and Rupert is unavailable 27 Sept. to 4 Oct.)

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