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    Meetings and Conferences

    Here is a short list of forthcoming meetings at which members of the DFDP project can gather either informally or formally to discuss the project:

    • GeoNZ - Joint Geoscience Society of New Zealand and New Zealand Geothermal Workshop; followed by AusIMM Annual Meeting - November 21-24 2010, Auckland.

    • AGU Fall Meeting 2010 - December 13-17 2010, San Francisco. 
      • We will arrange an evening 'get together' for anyone attending AGU who would like to discuss upcomming DFDP research. Details to follow via email, but will also be posted here.
    • Symposium to celebrate Richard Norris and Alan Cooper's contributions to Alpine Fault research, and DFDP meeting - 16-18 November 2011 - Dunedin.
      • More details to come soon!
    • 34th International Geological Congress - 5-10 August 2012, Brisbane, Australia.



    Townend, J., 2009. Drilling, sampling, and monitoring the Alpine Fault. EOS, 90, p. 312.

    Townend, J., Sutherland, R. and Toy, V., 2009. Deep Fault Drilling Project - Apine Fault, New Zealand. Scientific Drilling 8, doi: 10.2204/

    Toy, V.G., Norris, R.J., Cooper, A.F., Sibson, R.H., Little, T., Sutherland, R., Langridge, R., Berryman, K., 2009. Field trip guide: ICDP Workshop on Active Deformation Processes int he Seismogenic Zone of a Major Transpressional Plate Boundary Fault, Franz Josef (New Zealand), 22-28 March 2009, 69 pp.

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    Luke Easterbrook-Clark and Virginia Toy, University of Otago
    411.24 kB16:36, 20 Aug 2010John TownendActions
    Luke Easterbrook-Clark and Virginia Toy, University of Otago
    96.86 kB16:36, 20 Aug 2010John TownendActions
    A collection of useful Alpine Fault/DFDP/drilling references
    32.29 kB17:06, 20 Aug 2010John TownendActions
    Produced by GNS Science based on the initial idea of Tim Little
    1444.44 kB15:44, 11 Aug 2010John TownendActions
    Presentation to MORST/NSF, January 2010
    5.74 MB16:53, 19 Aug 2010John TownendActions
    EOS workshop summary
    63.26 kB15:18, 20 Aug 2010John TownendActions
    Scientific Drilling paper
    2.07 MB15:18, 20 Aug 2010John TownendActions
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