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    This page contains a wide (and exciting), but by no means comprehensive list of research related to the DFDP, and links to further information about these research projects.

    Please add your active or proposed research projects to this list, and amend anything that you aren't happy with.

    Current research 

    All active research projects, both funded and unfunded. Active funding sources for these research projects are highlighted in orange. Proposed sources of funding are highlighted in brownish red.

    Southern Alps Microseismicity Borehole Array (SAMBA)

    Tim Stern - VUW, GNS Science, University of Auckland; Marsden Fund - 2008-2010?

    Record central Alpine Fault microseismicity using borehole seismographs.

    Alpine fault seismicity (ALFA'08)

    Banister - GNS Science; FRST - 2008-2009

    Record Alpine Fault microseismicity north of SAMBA for tomography studies (north of the Wanganui R.).

    Seismic tomography

    Bannister - GNS Science; FRST - 2008-2013?

    Incrementally improve 3D images of Vp, Vp/Vs and attenuation

    in central and northern Alpine Fault area.

    Active-source seismic image of Alpine fault at Whataroa    

    Davey - GNS Science; FRST - 2009?    

    Improve seismic image of the Alpine Fault at the Whataroa River, derived from SIGHT98 Line2, by reprocessing

    Site characterisation    

    Quigley, de Pascal (PhD, Canterbury), Klahn (MSc, Canterbury), Davies - University of Canterbury

    Undertake site characterisation using geomorphological, engineering geological, and shallow geophysical methods in the central Alpine Fault (Whataroa and Waitangi-taona R. valleys).

    Surface materials – fault gouge

    Davies, Toy, Saffer, Marone, Tobin, Boulton (PhD, Canterbury), Scott (MSc, Otago), Faulkner, Boullier, Marone - University of Canterbury, University of Otago, University of Liverpool, Penn State, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Claude McCarthy Fellowship, NSF (proposed Dec 2009; under revision for resubmission in Dec 2010).

    Central Alpine Fault Zone - Field and experimental investigations of fault gouge (principal slip surface and hangingwall cataclasite) clay mineralogy, particle characterisation, frictional properties, permeability. 

    Surface materials – pseudotachylytes   

    Sibson, Toy, Blenkinsop, Ritchie (BSc(Hons) Otago 2009), Magloughlin - University of Otago, James Cook University, Colorado State University; CSU Research Grant 2010.              

    Characterisation of pseudotachylyte matrix chemistry and clast fractal dimensions based on outcrops at Gaunt Ck., Harold Ck. and elsewhere, examination of proof of melt origin, examination of preservation potential of pst using outcrops in cataclasite zone at Gaunt Ck.

    Surface materials – mylonites   

    Toy, Norris, Cooper, Prior, Mariani, Dempsey (PhD, Liverpool), Billia (PhD, Otago) Easterbrook (MSc, Otago), Barth (PhD, Otago), Little,  - University of Otago, University of Liverpool, Victoria University of Wellington; NERC - 2010-2011?; Marsden - 2010-2012

    AFZ from Haast – Hokitika - Shear zone rheological properties, deformation conditions, kinematics and along-strike variation

    WhataDUSIE - Active seismic study of the Whataroa Valley

    Gorman, Schmitt, Buske - University of Otago, Alberta, Freiberg; UOO Research Grant ...

    Explosive seismic survey in the Whataroa Valley. Hammer seismic surveys at Gaunt Creek and near the surface fault trace in the Whataroa Valley.                

    Seismic Fault Zone Characterisation at Gaunt Creek

    Eccles - IESE, University of Auckland; Marsdem 2011-2013

    Installation of borehole seismometers within the Alpine Fault Zone in the DFDP-1 boreholes to record Fault Zone Guided or Trapped Waves (FZGWs). These have been observed and can be used to establish fault zone connectivity and model the fault zone properties laterally and with depth. An explosive seismic survey has been carried out in 2012 at Gaunt Creek along a 2D profile through DFDP-1A across the fault with additional larger shots up to 10 km along the strike of the fault to induce FZGW.    

    Core characterisation    

    Norris, Toy, Cooper, Prior, Mariani, Faulkner, Kopf, Scott (MSc, Otago) - University of Otago, University of Liverpool, University of Canterbury, Universität Bremen, Penn State; UOO Research Grants, 2010-2011; NERC - 2008-2010

    Core should comprise mylonite, cataclasite + principal slip surface. We will analyse mcro- and micro-fracture density and orientations, permeability structure, and make physical property measurements (p and s-wave velocities, frictional properties, permeability, paleopermeabilty, chemistry, magnetic susceptibility, etc...). CAT scans with a medical imaging system are planned.

    Surface material characterisation – ultramylonites and ultramylonite-cataclasite transition   

    Toy, Upton, Timms, Billia (PhD, Otago) - University of Otago, GNS Science, Curtin; Marsden - 2010-2012  

    Investigate fluid involvement in deformation processes by examining the exhumed fault rock sequence, numerical modelling of fault behaviour in the presence of fluids.  

    Passive seismic monitoring   

    Townend, Savage, Thurber, Buske, Stern - VUW, UW-Madison , FU-Berlin; VUW Research Grants, 2010-2011

    Central Alpine Fault - deploy dense network of 10 seismometers to monitor seismicity

    Fluid sampling    

    Cox, Teagle - GNS Science, Southampton; NERC - 2010-2011?

    Brief description needed.                        

    Surface materials and core characterisation   

    Toy, Gessner, Regenauer-Lieb, Fusseis, Zhu, Karrech - University of Western Australia, CSIRO, Univeristy of Otago, University of Canterbury, ; UWA Collaboration Grants 2010, ARC Discovery

    Tomographic studies of the fault rocks to investigate phase arrangement and permeability structure, outcrop-scale fracture mapping by photograpic techniques?, investigation of the Alpine Fault Zone as an analogue to ancient mineralising systems on fault zones.

    LiDAR Mapping of Alpine Fault Trace

    Langridge, Toy, Quigley, Barth (PhD, Otago), Easterbrook-Clarke (MSc, Otago), de Pascale (PhD, Canterbury) - GNS Science, Univeristy of Otago, University of Canterbury; FRST - 2010-2011.

    Mapping of geomorphic and topographic expression of near surface deformation from Franz Josef to S bank of the Whataroa R.

    3D Geology

    Cox, Easterbrook-Clarke (MSc, Otago), etc...

    Construction of 3D models of the Alpine Fault Zone around the proposed DFDP drilling sites.


    Proposed Research

    Things that we think are 'in the pipeline' - in other words no-one has actually started working yet but would like to. Feel free to change this if it isn't the case. We would like you to update the status of submitted proposals if possible.

    Downhole seismics

    Eccles, Malin - University of Auckland; proposed to Marsden Fund - decision pending

    Please add a brief description

    In situ permeability   

    Doan - Genoble    

    In-borehole fluid storage and permability testing  

    Site characterisation by seismic studies (please provide more information!)    

    Thurber - UW-Madison, GNS Science, VUW; NSF (proposed Dec 2009; under revision for resubmission Dec 2010).

    Core characterisation – clast shape analysis   

    Blenkinsop, Goodwin, Tikoff - JCU, UW-Madison  

    Surface materials – schist   

    Mahan - Characterise seismic anisotropy from analysis of specimens; proposed to NSF - decision pending.

    Hot spring gas chemistry

    Neidermann, Zimmer, Erzinger; GFZ Potsdam; proposed to ?, decision pending.

    Characterise gas sources in mantle and crust, analysing CO2, N2, CH4, Ar, He (etc.) and noble gases (He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe) in free or dissolved spring gases.

    Thermal and thermochronological models

    Braun, Herman, Beyssac - Rennes, CNRS Paris; proposed to CNRS - decision pending

    Obtain thermochron and raman data to constrain metamorphic temps; then use in coupled thermo-kinematic-erosion modelling of Southern Alps.

    Surface material characterisation—thermochronology

    Batt, Barth (PhD, Otago), Toy - University of Western Australia, University of Otago; proposed to UWA Collaboration Grants - should be resubmitted

    Determine degree of footwall involvement in faulting at southern end of central section

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