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    DrillNZ is an initiative to coordinate knowledge and infrastructure required for scientific advancement through drilling in New Zealand.

    Drilling is the primary method used to sample rocks and fluids or deploy instruments at depth within the Earth. Scientific drilling has played a key role in our exploration of the oceans and continents, in deciphering the geological history of our planet, and underpins a wide range of economic development. Drilling technology is widely used for petroleum and groundwater production, mineral and coal exploration, geothermal energy generation, and geotechnical engineering investigations.

    Contact the DrillNZ Secretariat here.


    This wiki (Editing Guidelines here) provides access to:


    List of Drilling Infrastructure                List of Drilling Programs                List of People involved with Drilling


    DrillNZ News                                          Science Themes                             Opportunities related to Scientific Drilling


    Databases                                              Links                                                        




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