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    DEVORA (Determining VOlcanic Risk in Auckland) is a multi-year, collaborative project to explore the hazard and risk posed to Auckland by the Auckland Volcanic Field (AVF). As part of this project, scientists from Auckland have put together a database of geological information derived from boreholes in order to get a better idea of the sub-surface volcanic geology of the region.

    This database is being used to further current understanding of the AVF in order to inform hazard and risk models. Since its inception in 2008, the database has been a significant resource for the project, and in 2010, scientists used borehole information to constrain possible fault structures, link uncorrelated lava flows with their source vents and even rediscover a previously undocumented volcano.

    Currently, the database contains over 2000 digitized borehole logs.

    It is available online, under the DEVORA (DEV) collection, via PETLAB (GNS Science national geoanalytical database).

    The current manager is Tracy Howe (

    At the moment, there is no website based solely around the database, but a comprehensive report about the state and applications of the database is currently being prepared, and should be ready around June 2011.

    This wiki lists some drilling-related components of the DEVORA project.


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