New Zealand Rock Database (Petlab)

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    The PETLAB database contains about 40,000 individual drillhole and tunnel sample records, as follows:

    • Urban DEVORA (Auckland) n=10,500
    • Urban WIOF (Wellington) n=15,500
    • TVZ Geothermal n=10,500
    • Other (IODP, hydrotunnels, exploration wells) n=3,500

    The attached image is a screenshot of the New Zealand region locations of the "other"  holes.

    PETLAB hyperlinks to the Petroleum Wells and Bibliographic databases.

    Jpeg, tiff and pdf files can be appended to PETLAB records.
    In 2010, as part of database development for the DEVORA project, tables were added to PETLAB to handle interval (stratigraphic) data.

    So far, only the DEVORA data have been formatted to take advantage of this, but there is scope to edit legacy data too.

    Information on this page provided by Nick Mortimer (GNS Science).

    Access PETLAB here



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    Example of PETLAB output: NZ region locations for "other" holes
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