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    MSI Provides Partial Funding for NZ's IODP Membership through 2013! (6 July 2011)

    The Ministry of Science and Innovation confirmed last week that Minister Mapp has agreed to cover the shortfall in funds for the New Zealand IODP membership for the next three years! MSI will provide NZ$220k/year through the end of the current program in 2013. The remainder of the US$280k/year membership fee will still need to come from contributions from universities and CRIs. MSI noted that there has been no contestable process for the IODP international membership, so MSI cannot fund the whole cost in perpetuity; thus, the current level of funding is seen as a short-term subsidy. The Ministry will be looking at how it funds international memberships in the future, so the DrillNZ community should be thinking about how New Zealand can remain part of IODP.


    Site Survey Cruise Funded for Hikurangi Margin IODP Proposal (6 July 2011)

    A cruise aboard the R/V Tangaroa has been funded by Land Information New Zealand as part of their Oceans 2020 programme to do the site survey work requested by IODP's Site Survey Panel for the non-riser drilling component of the Hikurangi Margin proposal. The site survey work will probably take place in March 2012, with scientists from NIWA and GNS involved.


    New Zealand Selected as Focus Area for NSF Geoprisms/Subduction Cycles and Dynamics Program (6 July 2011)

    New Zealand was selected as one of three focus areas (along with Alaska and Cascadia) for the next 10 years of the US National Science Foundation's Geoprisms/Subduction Cycles and Dynamics Program. One of the biggest reasons that New Zealand was selected is because of the Hikurangi Margin proposal. The previous focus area (when it was the "Margins Program") were Nankai and Costa Rica, and many of the projects funded uner than program were closely linked to the Nankai Trough Seismogeneic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE) and Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project (CRISP) drilling efforts. The selection of New Zealand will help us to leverage US NSF funding for work that needs to be done in the lead up to any drilling programme here.


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