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    Changes to JOIDES Resolution FY2012 Schedule (5 May 2011)

    David Divins, Director of Ocean Drilling Programs at the IODP US Implementating Organization (USIO) announced today that based on budget guidance they received from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the JOIDES Resolution will only be able to conduct three drilling expeditions during fiscal year (FY) 2012 and will have to be in tie-up for the remaining six months of the year. Based on this, they have been requested to defer implementation of Exp. 341 Southern Alaska Margin Tectonics, Climate and Sedimentation until FY2013. He notes that there are two factors that have forced this situation: the rising cost of fuel and insufficient resources from NSF for a goal of 8 operational months per year. Divins notes that he is extremely troubled by this news and the implications for the future of scientific ocean drilling. He suggests that a strong demonstration of support by the scientific drilling community could result in NSF allocating additional resources for US scientific drilling during FY2012 and into the future.


    New Zealand Representative Selected for Tohoku Earthquake IODP Detailed Planning Group (4 May 2011)

    John Townend (Victoria University of Wellington) has accepted an invitation extended by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International (IODP-MI) office to participate in a Detailed Planning Group (DPG) to develop a drilling proposal for a rapid-response expedition to the area of the Tohoku (Japan) earthquake fault zone. Co-chairs Jim Mori (Kyoto University), Emily Brodsky (University of California - Santa Cruz) and Shuichi Kodaira (JAMSTEC) selected Dr. Townend to be a member of this very important group. The first meeting of the DPG will be in Tokyo on 18-20 May.



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