Borehole seismic instrumentation

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    Craig Miller is routinely (ca. 2 holes per year) involved with drilling 50-400m deep holes (about 6 to date, and several more planned) to install downhole seismometers and tiltmeters at Auckland, Taranaki and Ruapehu for earthquake and deformation monitoring. 

    Mostly he is not interested in the hole, not the rock that comes out of it, as the aim is to install instrumentation rather than extract geologic information - although the holes are still logged geologically but not to any great detail.

    He also used existing abandoned waterwalls to install downhole seismic instruments - particularly in Auckland - so he is interested in knowing where such holes exist. He has in the past used a database from The University of Auckland to help find such holes.

    The Institute of Earth Science and Engineering has supplied downhole seismometers for the GeoNet network.

    Contact person: Craig Miller (


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