Lake Tarawera exploratory program (for Bay of Plenty Regional Council)

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    The Groundwater Team at GNS-Wairakei is active on a large number of drilling projects.

    During 2011 they are assisting the Bay of Plenty Regional Council with two projects:

    • Installation of saltwater intrusion wells
    • Understanding the groundwater around Lake Tarawera by drilling at 6 locations around the lake catchment


    GNS provides onsite hydrogeologist services, which include well logging, aquifer testing, and groundwater sampling.

    The drilling services are provided by Baylis Brothers Ltd (Napier), and air rotary drilling is used, as to readily identify and sample aquifers without the interference of drilling fluids or muds.

    Typically such projects look at shallow groundwater, with drilling depths less than 150 meters.  

    For more information, contact: Gil Zemansky (, Constanze Tschritter (, Jennifer Rose (



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