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    The DrillNZ wiki is a resource for sharing information associated with scientific drilling and coring.

    A login to join the DrillNZ community and thus be able to contribute/modify the content of this wiki can be obtained by application to the secretariat, send an email with subject "wiki subscribe".


    Most information is visible to the general public and will be moderated and improved by other members of the DrillNZ community.

    Please also note that users having a wiki login will be able to see a "Add comment" box on each page.

    You can use this feature to provide feedback on the page content, and help us improve the page.

    As an example: did we fail to mention a drilling-related person/project/piece of equipment/database/link that you know of, and you would like to see that info on this wiki ? Either you can modify it yourself or, if you do not know how to do it, just type into the "Add comment" box, and we will modify the relevant page according to your suggestion.

    The "Private" workspace is visible only if you are logged in as a member of the DrillNZ community.



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