Mud Rotary (Groundwater, commercial operator)

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    Location: Across New Zealand

    Organization: Most commercial operators

    Mobile: ???

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    The mud rotary, air rotary, and direct push drilling equipment are all used in groundwater studies, and run by commercial drilling operators.

    Mud rotary drilling is the most commonly used, and offered by just about every commercial drilling operator in New Zealand.

    Air rotary is less common, but remains widely available.

    Direct push is relatively rare in New Zealand and only a few commercial drilling firms (e.g., Brown Bros. and Resource Development Consultants Ltd) offer it. 

    See the link section for a list of commercial drilling operators available in New Zealand.


    NOTE: Add a picture of the equipment... possibly, in addition to this, add a link to (or some info about) main technical specs of the actual piece of kit 


    External Links: Use of mud rotary drilling in groundwater studies/monitoring (link from North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Water Resources)



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