Vibrocorer (VUW)

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    1. 1. Vibrocorer in action

     Location: Wellington

    Organization: Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) - School of Geography, Environment, and Earth Sciences (SGEES)

    Mobile: ???

    Contact person: ???



    This equipment is part of SGEES' augering/sediment coring devices for field sampling of Quaternary materials for neotectonic studies.

    It has been used to core alluvial sediments impounded by paleolandslides in the Waipaoa catchment (Mike Page's MSc student at VUW, name???)

    Vibrocorer in action

    This picture is from the OZCoasts website, click on the external link for further information.


    NOTE: Add a picture and some info about main technical specs of the actual piece of kit

    External Links: OZCoasts, Australian Online Coast Information



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