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    Mike has been involved in a lot of drilling projects since he started at GNS in 1993.

    Most of the projects have been drilling in New Zealand geothermal fields, but he has also worked on drilling for stratigraphic, geotechnical, and monitoring purposes. All these projects have been different size and his involvement has varied, ranging from project planning, core handling and logging, rig-floor work, and almost any other aspect of drilling apart from actually operating the rig controls, and any downhole or benchtop geophysical logging.

    • Geothermal: drilling at seven different fields, for production, reinjection, monitor and exploration wells. Chip samples and core, recently with mudlogger contractors (Geoservices and Baker Hughes). Big rigs to helicopter "bush" rigs. Rotary and wireline
    • Geotechnical: Arapuni Dam foundation project; Tauhara subsidence investigation (12 wells; >4 km continuous core; state of the art drilling and sampling); Ohaaki subsidence investigation
    • Stratigraphic: tephra coring peat (hand tools), Auckland maar lake drilling (land based and from moored barge). Also some involvement in piston coring and dredging on Tan2007 "Tangaroa" voyage to Kermadec islands


    Mike has worked with several commercial operators, using a variety of tools and techniques: Alton's, ProDrill and Boart-Longyear (geothermal, stratigraphic and geotechnical), MB Century and Parker (drilling on their big rigs: oil and gas rigs adapted for geothermal drilling).


    For further information, see his profile Webpage at GNS


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