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    IPCC identified major knowledge gaps in understanding the role of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. New Zealand is in a key region to address these gaps. DrillNZ can facilitate filling this knowledge gap by supporting drilling and coring projects that can help validate models of past and future climate change.


    Key questions

    • What drives regional climate variability (temperature, precipitation) associated with ENSO and westerly winds?
    • Assessing the drivers and links between atmospheric CO2, Antarctic ice sheets and sea level change through time?
    • Time series of how the climate system responds to chemical, physical, biological perturbations in the Pacific and Southern Oceans?


    Justification for DrillNZ

    Society – Better understanding of climate, aid with models of future climate, sea level, and hazards such as flooding

    Industry – Improved understanding of climate for future forecasting for agriculture, water management, floods and storm frequency, ocean acidification for aquaculture and fishing

    Government – Improved information on regional scale to aid with future planning for climate change such as sea level rise, increased/decreased rainfall


    Opportunities for leverage

    • International Collaborations – Australia, IODP, Geoprisms (NSF)
    • Industry cores and boreholes from lakes?
    • Oceanographers, hydrographers – use of mooring, rain gauges etc.



    • Boats - RV Tangaroa, Kaharoa, Polaris II, Beryl Brewin and little boats
    • Coring – Marine short piston, gravity 0-6m, Lakes – 0-6m
    • Analytical equipment - MSCL, X-ray, Pixie, Magnetic susceptibility, intensity, colour scanning
    • Other equipment - Chirp, boomer and airgun seismic capability
    • Membership and access to IODP, ICDP for long cores and drilling and state of the art analytical equipment



    • Boats - Access to ships and boats, fairer system for access based on merit.
    • Coring - Continuous coring system longer than 6m         
    • Analytical equipment - XRF, whole core scanning
    • Databases of existing samples
    • Improved seismic tools for high resolution, improved penetration
    • Monitoring the existing environment to understand e.g. moorings, sediment traps, rain gauges
    • Maintaining and expanding collaborations with Australia and other international partners to gain access to ships, coring capabilities, analytical equipment.
    • Continued membership and access to IODP, ICDP for long cores and drilling and state of the art analytical equipment


    What do we need from DrillNZ?

    • Facilitate/coordinate, forum for discussion and develop collaboration
    • Avoid duplication of resources
    • Fill gaps in resources
    • Advocate for drilling proposals, membership fees for IODP, ICDP
    • Better facilitate access to current resources – national and international
    • Provide technical and scientific advice
    • Capability building and trained personnel – education, training students and technicians



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