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    DrillNZ –enhancing New Zealand’s Resources


     Relevant resource sectors:  

    • Precious and industrial minerals 
    • Carbon Capture and Storage
    • Hydrocarbons 
    • Geothermal 
    • Water 
    • Deep biosphere 


    DrillNZ will provide underpinning science to assist in exploiting NZ’s geological resources in an environmentally responsible manner and to enhance technical expertise (capacity building) for the NZ resources industry. 


     Justification for DrillNZ 

    • Industry – Provide a co-ordinated approach to facilities and expertise. A “clearing-house” of information and expertise for the resources industry.  
    • Outreach – Drilling is a technical capability that is not just for exploiting natural resources, but it can also provide information for societal benefit and advocate for sustainable exploitation of natural resources. 
    • Science – Communicate future research drilling activities to enhance collaboration and maximise the use of technical and human resources in NZ. In acting as a link with industry will enable access to samples from commercial drilling.   A “one-stop-shop” of information and inventory of NZ’s drilling capability.  A database pointing to all relevant databases associated with drilling and providing a “home” for those that don’t have a database. 


    Opportunities for leverage 

    • Industry may contribute data and materials to assist in scientific research and scientific drilling projects (e.g. site survey data for Hikurangi Margin proposal) 
    • Utilising the collective expertise within DrillNZ to leverage for financial and technical support from industry and government. 
    • Utilising the vast technical and scientific resource within IODP and ICDP to gain support from NZ government and industry. 



    • There are already several existing core-repositories in NZ (e.g., NIWA, MED, Otago Univ., etc), but these need to be enhanced, for example, to provide a suitable environment for storage of a range of core and room for study and sampling of core. 
    • Analytical facilities for recording physical, chemical and geophysical properties of core are essential. A mobile unit with scanning and analytical equipment may be the most cost effective solution that could be used across the country.  




    • Coring equipment is essential for obtaining core, however, it is suggested that individual institutes provide their own equipment for small to medium size coring devices, but that large devices (e.g., ANDRILL size) are acquired by enhancing commercially available equipment.  
    • CRI’s and universities already have a wide range of equipment, especially with regard to chemical and mineralogical analyses, but a system of “sharing” capabilities must be established. 


    What do we need from DrillNZ? 

    What we require immediately is: 

    Information on 

    • Future drilling projects 
    • Resources 
    • Expertise 
    • Funding opportunities for drilling 
    • Research and training opportunities associated with drilling 
    • Type and location of available core 
    • Data from core 


    Financial support for paying for  

    • IODP and ICDP membership fees 
    • Mobile scanning and analytical facility 
    • DrillNZ secretariat and travel to IODP and ICDP management meetings



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