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     There are many potential PhD or master projects avaliable with the data we have been and will be collecting.

    Victoria Univeristy of Wellington is currently has 1 master student, 1 PhD student and 1 post-doc working with the SAHKE data and is advertising for several PhD postions (see advert below).


    The Institute of Geophysics, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand announces PhD scholarship opportunities at our University.

    There are several seismological projects of interest for which we would like to guide a PhD student:

    (1) We are in the early stages of an international collaborative project involving investigators from New Zealand, Japan and the United States of America to study the subduction zone structure under the wellington region, North Island, New Zealand. The aim is to determine the material properties of interfaces (especially the subduction interface) at various depths, to try to understand the properties in a locked subduction zone. This project will combine active onshore-offshore seismic experiments (explosions and airgun sources) with passive (earthquake) recordings using short-period and broadband recorders.

    (2) Studies of the Sept 4 2010, M=7.2 Darfield earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand. An enormous amount of data has been collected and is being collected on this earthquake and its aftershock sequence. We will be studying aspects including the anisotropic velocity structure in the region and time varying seismic properties related to the earthquake. The project involves investigators in New Zealand and the United States of America.

    (3)Ongoing studies of the Alpine Fault in the South Island are continuing with recent success in funcing for a projet that will drill 1km deep borehole to study fault zone properties and their changes with depth of exhumation.

    If you are interested  in any of these projects, please contact Martha Savage and also apply to the Victoria Univeristy of Wellington, following instructions at

    The application deadline is 1 Novemeber 2010 and the applications is free of charge. Successful scholarship stidents from any country will receive a NZ$21,000 stipend and will have their tuition fees covered. Further details including grant proposals are available upon request to Professor Martha Savage,


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