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    Several key seismic datasets were collected during the SAHKE project.

    Deployments include four main onshore seismometer arrays (ARRAY, TRANSECT, WANGANUI, & NORTHERNLINES) and one offshore ocean bottom seismometer array (TRANSECT-OBS). Stations were deployed to record the energy released by an offshore airgun source, which was being used to survey the PEGASUS basin southeast of the Wellington region. Energy released by the airgun travels to the seafloor and propagated through the underlying rocks until it reachs the seismometers. The data recorded at the stations can then be used to identify layers and changes in material charateristics along the raypath. Ship_rays3D.jpg


    Using off shore airgun sources allows seismologist to accurately model the subsurface as both the time and the location of the shots are known. 



    The data collected during the SAHKE project will be used to produce a 2D and 3D seismic velocity model of the region using both the airgun source and arrival data from earthquakes both local and global. This will allow the seismologist to better locate the epicenter of local earthquakes in this region, providing a better estimate of the seismic hazard.


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