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    This web page is for sharing and coordinating scientific research and information, and documenting consistent messaging and research and risk communication planning during the August 2012 Tongariro eruption episode.


    Collaboration and Information Sharing Protocol

    By logging in to the sub-pages of this wiki all users agree to collaborative efforts, and to share plans and data in good faith to achieve the best possible scientific and emergency management response. If multiple groups discover they are planning to do overlapping work they will discuss this directly with one-another and come to a mutually-agreed solution. Please refer to the NZ Volcanic Advisory Panel page for more details on concepts and principles for coordinated science advice and research response.


    Information published here (away from the consistent messaging page) is not necessarily vetted prior to publication. Any data, information, analyses or results shared on the wiki are posted with the understanding that others won't use them without directly discussing and agreeing this with the people who've generated the data.


    Information on the Consistent Messages sub-page should only be material that people are comfortable being reported to the public and media, it should be written for the public and media. Data, and references to data, on the Consistent Messages page should be checked with the people who generated the data before it gets added to the consistent messaging page.


    All other information uploaded to the wiki on all other sub-pages:



    • Is provided principally to inform a suitably qualified professional;


    • Will attribute its origin to the best extent possible;


    • Is based on best endeavours during the science response;


    • Has not been rigorously peer-reviewed in the normal (i.e. anonymous) manner;


    • May be superseded by further investigation;


    • Shall be independently verified before being used for any legally binding purpose


    Editing and Adding Information

    Please edit specific sub-pages directly (at the left)

    When you're on a page you can create a new sub-page by clicking on 'New page' above.


    Access to the wiki 

    Access is via username and password to all science researchers and GeoNet responders, please or to add anyone relevant

    Contributors currently include:

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